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The Great Disconnect: Why Young People Don't Vote

Tue, Oct 28, 7:45 pm

Tuesday night at 7:00 pm we are going to the American Forum on "why young people don't vote."

We will leave the LA quad at 6:30pm and leaflet outside the theatre for half an hour or so. We hope all of you who have t-shirts wear them to this event.

Matt Gross form the Dean Campaign will be at the forum. This is another great opportunity to get Dean visibility out there.

Here's the information:
Location The Greenberg Theatre
Start Time 7:45pm
End Time 9:15pm
More Info x2074 |
Sponsor School of Communications and the SOC Graduate Student Council, produced in cooperation with WAMU

Panelists include:
Matthew Gross, director, Internet Communications, Howard Dean Campaign;
Torrence Colvin, director, Voter Empowerment Program, NAACP;
Celinda Lake, Democratic pollster, Lake Snell Perry and Associates, Inc.;
Tom Patterson, director, Vanishing Voter Project, Harvard University;
Karen TUmmulty, national political correspondent, Time Magazine.

Moderated by Jane Hall, professor in SOC.

posted by Laura on 27.10.03 at 1:11 AM|

The Site is Back Up!

Woo-hoo! I got really worried because it was down and I could not fix it, but it appears to be working fine, and without the banner (they gave us a complimentary upgrade, at least for now). Anyways, I will try to get around to changing the colors and adding pictures in the next few days...I planned to do that today, but my first priority was getting the site working again.
posted by Laura on at 1:01 AM|

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